About us


We have more than 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of POCO branded, electric and industrial water pumps, industrial and commercial water pumps.

So far, the POCO brand has been trusted and reassured customers put into the large projects.

In addition, we are the sole distributor of MITSUBISHI electric motors and water pumps in Vietnam, importing and distributing high quality imported electric motors.

POCO, is the exclusive brand of the company, produced in Vietnam. Quality is no less than European imports, better price, less shipping and import taxes. Having received the production on demand of its own quality, own brand …

New products, new 100%, production of electricity suitable for Vietnam and foreign power, so it can be sd in the water or install the machine for export to foreign countries. The machine runs quietly, durably, sleek, long service life, increased quality of installed equipment, increased profits. Engines with full consular legalization (CO, CQ) at the Department of the City Service (a way to distinguish counterfeit goods, secondhand goods without proof of origin)