Tối ưu hóa hệ thống

Tối ưu hóa hệ thống

Increase the efficiency of your existing system
Conducting an Efficiency Analysis of your existing pumps system provides you with a basis for increasing efficiency, with cost savings over time. An Efficiency Analysis results in suggestions for doing this and will show how this will save you money.

Grundfos offers the following steps for analyzing efficiency of your pumps system:

  • Installed base checks

A minor evaluation is conducted based only on the data from the identification plate on the pump compared to the newer, more efficient technology and materials found in modern pumps.

  • Pump efficiency quick check

Pressure and kWh consumption of the pump are measured. Flow is estimated based on available pump data and the measured results.

Some of the resulting suggestions for improving efficiency are, for example, a speed control upgrade, a motor upgrade, different dimensioned pipes, the installation of a controller, or perhaps an agreement for routine service.

Complete Pump Audit
The Efficiency Analysis offered by Grundfos comprises the first steps of our Pump Audit, a diagnostics tool that we use to clarify whether the pumps system is energy optimized to guarantee that your costs are kept to an absolute minimum – now and in the future. See Replacement Analysis to find out more about Grundfos Pump Audit.

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